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Laces used for curtains

Using lace curtains

Lace curtains are the curtains which are usually like the normal curtains but there are laces so that they can be tied up. The lace curtains give an elegant look to the room. Usually lace curtains are more preferable by girls but no matter body also like them. You might have see lace curtains in many of the hotels. When curtains are simple they look good but are simple. Adding a lace to curtains makes the curtains look beautiful. The lace curtains for sale are available in the shops and also on online stores. Lace curtains for sale are very much affordable and give a good look.


Precautions for lace curtains

Lace curtains for sale are good in look but they are very thin as compared to other curtains. If you want to have a romantic look then choose the curtains that are thin and transparent with an add one of laces. The laces look beautiful on such curtains and the laces are also very thin and tiny. If you are choosing heavy curtains then they will require having a thick and heavy lace as it needs to handle its weight.

The lace curtains for sale are good in look but are to be used very carefully. If these curtains are applied in children room then the rods are to be strong and the curtains should be used slowly. Make sure that when the curtains are pulled they don’t fall. These curtains can be washed in machine but if it has certain types of designs then hand wash or dry clean is more preferable.

Lace curtains for sale

If you are finding for curtains that can block only some amount of light from outside then lace curtains is the best option. The lace curtains looks beautiful during the sunrise when the sunlight is peeping from the curtains.

Choosing the Fabric of the Curtains

Whether you hang polka dot curtains or star curtains, one thing that is most important is of course the fabric of the curtain. It should be such that it can fulfill your requirement. Make sure that the fabric that has been chosen by you to be used in your home fulfills the purpose for which you have hanged them. Like, if you want privacy with the help of curtains, then you should choose curtain of heavy set. Lace curtains would not be useful there!

Some questions to ask you before choosing the fabric of the curtain

Before you choose the fabric of the curtain you should ask yourself the following questions so that you know why you are using the curtains for?

What is the amount of light and privacy required by you? if you need less light and more privacy, then you must buy heavy fabrics like velvet, canvas and others.


What type of decor does the room has. This question is also important as if there is funky appearance of the room, then polka dot curtains would not fit in. so, check the decor of the room.

Do you require light weight or heavy weight fabric? This again had relation to the amount of light that is required in the room.

Do you keep changing the decor or keep it same for long. This too has importance as if the decor is changed then you must choose such curtains that goes well with various decors.

polka dot curtains

Taking final decision

Thus, when you know the answers properly, you would be able to choose the right kind of fabric that is required for your rooms. They should be durable and must not be something that is expensive, yet would get destroyed soon. Just be careful and chose the fabric that suits your need most.

The Advantages of the Chocolate Color Curtain

It is believe that lots of people prefer to chocolate, some people love its sweet while some others very enjoy the moment chocolate melted in the mouth, and some more people say they feel better after they eat some chocolates for its sweet. As a candy, chocolate is be loved by most people, the same to the curtains those in chocolate color have their own advantages and also very popular for us in our daily life.

First:the curtain color looks like sweet because it is the same to chocolate with which bring to mind of sweet chocolate at first sight and make people feel happy. Ans chocolate color is easy to go with that would be a good ideal to pick for home decoration for those home styles which is decorated with some furniture in wood or white color.


Second of the chocolate color neither to dark nor to light for home decoration. It is easy to solve all problems when it comes up during renovation process. No matter the translucent quality or washing problem are easy to deal with.

Third, even the same style of chocolate color curtain can create different decoration achievements ans can be used foe different occasion. Take striped pattern nautical style curtain in chocolate color for instance, it is more better suitable for study room or some upscale and quiet coffee shops.

chocolate color curtain

At the first sight. chocolate color curtain might not be the outstanding item because we have seem to much curtain styles with vivid patterns. But chocolate color curtain is the one which will never lost its appeal and we will not get tire of it even for a long time.

The tips of choosing shutters in the house

Many families would care about the use of curtains, we could install them into different furniture, the styles are very changeable, next we would share the experience of purchasing the curtains, next we will have a brief description of the tips of these, hope these could help you a little.

The pattern of shutters
It is serious for us to choose the pattern of shutters, if we decorate the living room, then we could choose the scenery lace curtains (, which could make us in the beautiful meaning. And if you want to decorate the bedroom, then we could choose the soft and elegant patterned, which could show the warm of the curtains.

There are two kinds of shutters, they are made of many pieces, they could cool and blackout, at the same time, they could cover the sunshine and decorate the house, at the same time, the shutters could be made of many other pieces to make them.

Source: Floral and Polka Dot Printed Patterns with Lace

At first we had better notice the size of shutters, in general, the height of curtains had better be the same as the height of curtains, at the same time, in general, the width of curtains could be shortened one cm, and if you install the bright shutters, then the height of curtains could be over ten cm, and the width of curtains could be over 5 cm, in general, if it is small house, then you could choose the dark shutters, and if your house is somewhat big, then you could choose the bright shutters.

Source: Bird Song Lace Rod Pocket Panel

The styles of shutters
As for the different kinds of windows, then we had could choose different curtains, at the same time, if we choose the special curtains, then we could choose the general curtains, at the same time, if we choose the other curtains, then we could choose the shutters, which could make them harmony and beautiful.

The colors of shutters, if you want to choose the shutters for your room, at first, we could consult the theme of the furniture, if the wall is yellow or white, then we could choose the ivory shutters. If the wall is pale green, at this time, you could choose the gray or green shutters, at the same time, the brown colors could accompany the pink or champagne shutters, if you do like this, the cold and green colors could be harmony, which could make the room elegant and common.

How often would we wash the curtains?

Many people would ignore the cleaning of curtains, they would hang it for one year, even some family would not wash them for two or three years, a research about curtains, then we could not wash them for long time.

High-end Linen Like Grey Jacquard Printing Thermal Curtains

In our opinion, the curtains which are full of modern charming, it is simple and noble, if you are the white collar, then it is proper for us to choose the clean curtains, they are perfect for us, in morning Sunday, you could sit on the curtains and have a coffee, then it could make you very simple. At the same time, if you choose the blue andwhite curtains, which could make the home full of beach charming, the wild sea wind and sand could make us think of the sea. It is the beautiful scenery for us.

Classic Umbrella Printed Poly and Cotton White Curtains for Kids

When the curtains are close to the windows, then the dust would be on the curtains, if we don’t wash them very often, then it could have much dust, especially dark color curtains, and if it is not cool, then the wall would be wet easily, and it could have much dirty, which could be the reason why the air is so bad.

Country Style Leaf Printed White Bedroom or Living Room Curtains

So many specialists advice that, we had better wash the curtains every one or two weeks, especially for the house with kids or pets, we could wash them every half a year, then the curtains could be placed in washing machine, and they also could be washed without water, after we finish washing the curtains, we could air them under the sunshine, it is easy for us to hang them, at the same time, we had better not dry them in washing machine, since they are easy to be damaged, at the same time, if you have other infectious disease, before we wash the curtains, we had better disinfect.