Choosing the Fabric of the Curtains

Whether you hang polka dot curtains or star curtains, one thing that is most important is of course the fabric of the curtain. It should be such that it can fulfill your requirement. Make sure that the fabric that has been chosen by you to be used in your home fulfills the purpose for which you have hanged them. Like, if you want privacy with the help of curtains, then you should choose curtain of heavy set. Lace curtains would not be useful there!

Some questions to ask you before choosing the fabric of the curtain

Before you choose the fabric of the curtain you should ask yourself the following questions so that you know why you are using the curtains for?

What is the amount of light and privacy required by you? if you need less light and more privacy, then you must buy heavy fabrics like velvet, canvas and others.


What type of decor does the room has. This question is also important as if there is funky appearance of the room, then polka dot curtains would not fit in. so, check the decor of the room.

Do you require light weight or heavy weight fabric? This again had relation to the amount of light that is required in the room.

Do you keep changing the decor or keep it same for long. This too has importance as if the decor is changed then you must choose such curtains that goes well with various decors.

polka dot curtains

Taking final decision

Thus, when you know the answers properly, you would be able to choose the right kind of fabric that is required for your rooms. They should be durable and must not be something that is expensive, yet would get destroyed soon. Just be careful and chose the fabric that suits your need most.

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