Shower Curtain Selection Tips

Shower curtain is an essential party for bathroom decoration. There are lots of shower curtains in the market, it is hard for us to choose right one from the stylish vivid patterns and beautiful color selections. As mater of fact, there are some tips when we doing shower curtains purchasing. Whatever shower curtain style is must goes with bathroom style, simple elegant adored with fancy design.


Shower curtain is better less than three colors, colorful piece would be to fancy to bathroom decoration. Pearl pink shower curtain is best idea for simple style bathroom for pink is warm and sweet color. Making bathroom look more romantic. And curtain length is one need to be noticed, 2 cm higher from floor length id perfect. Good vertical drape quality shower curtain good to prevent water from splashing.

Pearl pink shower curtain

Water bar is necessary to block water bar in bathroom even there is pearl pink shower curtain hanging up to prevent water splash. Natural stone material water bar is best for it is mildew resistance.

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