How often would we wash the curtains?

Many people would ignore the cleaning of curtains, they would hang it for one year, even some family would not wash them for two or three years, a research about curtains, then we could not wash them for long time.

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In our opinion, the curtains which are full of modern charming, it is simple and noble, if you are the white collar, then it is proper for us to choose the clean curtains, they are perfect for us, in morning Sunday, you could sit on the curtains and have a coffee, then it could make you very simple. At the same time, if you choose the blue andwhite curtains, which could make the home full of beach charming, the wild sea wind and sand could make us think of the sea. It is the beautiful scenery for us.

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When the curtains are close to the windows, then the dust would be on the curtains, if we don’t wash them very often, then it could have much dust, especially dark color curtains, and if it is not cool, then the wall would be wet easily, and it could have much dirty, which could be the reason why the air is so bad.

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So many specialists advice that, we had better wash the curtains every one or two weeks, especially for the house with kids or pets, we could wash them every half a year, then the curtains could be placed in washing machine, and they also could be washed without water, after we finish washing the curtains, we could air them under the sunshine, it is easy for us to hang them, at the same time, we had better not dry them in washing machine, since they are easy to be damaged, at the same time, if you have other infectious disease, before we wash the curtains, we had better disinfect.

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